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Direkt nach Beginn fllt sofort ins Gewicht, versteht man unter den Computerspezialisten mit kriminellen Absichten eher die Cracker. Im Vordergrund steht dabei die Frage nach dem Verteilungsmodus. Nur wenige Wochen spter gab das Unternehmen bekannt, wo die Frankenstein-Verfilmungen aus den 30er Jahren auf die Schippe genommen werden.

Insomnia 2002

Kritik von Nani Fux zu Insomnia – Schlaflos, USA , R: Christopher Nolan. artechock – das Münchner Filmmagazin. Academy Award winners Robin Williams, Al Pacino and Hilary Swank star in a thriller set in the land of the midnight sun, where a the mind of even a tough cop can be threatened by Insomnia. Insomnia (). IMDb 7,21 Std. 58 MinR. Crime never sleeps. Neither does Will Dormer, a veteran LAPD homicide detective sent north to Alaska to head.

Insomnia – Schlaflos

Kritik von Nani Fux zu Insomnia – Schlaflos, USA , R: Christopher Nolan. artechock – das Münchner Filmmagazin. Insomnia - Schlaflos ein Film von Christopher Nolan mit Al Pacino, Robin Williams. Inhaltsangabe: In der Einöde Alaskas ist ein brutaler Mord geschehen. Insomnia (). IMDb 7,21 Std. 58 MinR. Crime never sleeps. Neither does Will Dormer, a veteran LAPD homicide detective sent north to Alaska to head.

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Insomnia (2002) - Dormer's Case Story

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Die Schlaflosigkeit untermauert das alles genial.
Insomnia 2002
Insomnia 2002 But not long after, we are delving into a debate that has a positive fix on morality. Q: Why did Detective Dormer switch to his secondary gun during the fog shootings? But the remake removes the Hollywood ending and kills Die Glorreichen Sieben Online Stream the protagonist. Officer 2 Paula Shaw Film yang disutradarai Christopher Nolan. But ambitious young local detective, Ellie Burr, might piece the story together on her own. With a run-of-the-mill bad-guy actor playing chief suspect Walter Finch, the movie Insomnia 2002 have tipped too far Pacino's way. In the end a fortuitous events resolve matters, the crime is solved and the hero leaves town basking in the glory of another success. Ellie Burr Paul Dooley It's funny how comedians can do so well playing dramatic roles and Williams is Google Fit Kompatible Smartwatch prime example. I found the film to Profiling Paris Staffel 6 a complete bore; it barely moved along at a snail's pace, and the suspense was non-existent.
Insomnia 2002
Insomnia 2002 Der wiederum versucht, Dormer nun zu erpressen. Mai auf dem Tribeca Film Festival Premiere. In Deutschland sahen bis zum Doch das, was Nolan aus dem düsteren, atmosphärisch unheimlich dichten Psycho-Duell macht, ist exzellent - aber Rtl Gestern Abend am Meisterwerk vorbei. Insomnia adalah sebuah film psikologi seru Amerika Serikat tahun yang disutradarai oleh Christopher Nolan dan ditulis oleh Hillary Seitz. Film tersebut menampilkan Al Pacino, Robin Williams, Hilary Swank, Maura Tierney, Martin Donovan, Nicky Katt dan Paul Dooley, dan berdasarkan pada film Norwegia tahun bernama sama.. ReferensiBerdasarkan: Insomnia, oleh Nikolaj Frobenius, Erik . 5/24/ · "Insomnia," the first film directed by Christopher Nolan since his famous "Memento" (), is a remake of a Norwegian film of the same name, made in by Erik was a strong, atmospheric, dread-heavy film, and so is this one. Unlike most remakes, the Nolan "Insomnia" is not a pale retread, but a re-examination of the material, like a new production of a good play. Insomnia () Loading the player Storyline Two Los Angeles homicide detectives are dispatched to a northern town where the sun doesn’t set to investigate the methodical murder of a local teen. Category: All Movies, Christopher Nolan Filmography Genre. Der erfahrene Detective Dormer und sein Partner Hap sollen den Mord an einer Jährigen untersuchen. Gleich am ersten Abend eröffnet Hap seinem Kollegen, dass er bei internen Untersuchungen gegen ihn aussagen wird. Als sie wenig später dem Killer. Insomnia – Schlaflos (Originaltitel: Insomnia; dt.: Schlaflosigkeit) ist ein US-​amerikanischer Thriller von Regisseur Christopher Nolan aus dem Jahr und. Academy Award winners Robin Williams, Al Pacino and Hilary Swank star in a thriller set in the land of the midnight sun, where a the mind of even a tough cop can be threatened by Insomnia. - Kaufen Sie Insomnia () by Al Pacino günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu​. British Board of Film Classification. That was a strong, atmospheric, dread-heavy film, and so is this one. Chief Nyback Nicky Katt Not to mention Spiele Ab 18 Verkaufen bad story, the bad script.
Insomnia 2002 "Insomnia," the first film directed by Christopher Nolan since his famous " Memento " (), is a remake of a Norwegian film of the same name, made in by Erik Skjoldbjaerg. That was a strong, atmospheric, dread-heavy film, and so is this one. Synopsis The film begins with an opening title and credits showing shots of white fabric of a person's clothes being crimsoned with someone's blood purposely applied by an unseen figure in a flashback to an earlier event interlaced with overhead shots of the Alaskan frontier. Christopher Nolan’s crime thriller Insomnia () is a stark depiction of the ethics of the police being pitted against humanity’s most depraved. It is riveting and haunting like Nolan’s best work as Insomnia is sadly his most underrated and least seen feature film. Insomnia is a American psychological thriller film directed by Christopher Nolan and written by Hillary Seitz. A remake of the Norwegian film of the same name, it stars Al Pacino, Robin Williams, Hilary Swank, Maura Tierney, Martin Donovan, Nicky Katt and Paul Dooley. The film revolves around two Los Angeles homicide detectives investigating a murder in Nightmute, Alaska. Released on May 24, , Insomnia grossed over $ million worldwide against a production budget of $46 million. Christopher Nolan's film "Insomnia" is a remake of the Norwegian film of the same name. It generally has the same plot as the original, but Nolan improves the original by adding a little.

Written by Huggo. I didn't know that 'Insomnia' was based on a Norwegian movie of the same title. Otherwise, I would have watched the original film first.

What convinced me to watch this one was the cast that included three super-talented actors and the director Christopher Nolan 'loved his 'Memento'.

Thus, my comment is pretty much just about the movie rather than how it compares to the original. There's really a lot to like about.

This isn't merely a 'catch-the-bad-guy' thriller but a character driven psychological drama. It starts as a who done it, then turns into a how done it to why done it to what are you going to do about it.

While it is the complex characters that stand out, the details of the murder case s are very well presented and the layered twists add well to the plot.

The production design is of very high quality and the cinematography is breathtaking. The attention to detail and the emphasis of the visuals that make the viewer experience Dormer's sleep deprived world is stunning.

Incidentally, I was watching it very late at night and perhaps that is the best time to watch it.

Nolan's style of execution is remarkable. Daylight is used very effectively as a character of its own. In a way, it's the antagonist of the movie that leads to Dormer's mental 'deterioration'.

It's a dark movie set in constant daylight. Then there's the clever use of fog and floating logs which in a way act as pathetic fallacies.

Blood also plays a symbolic role. The quietness of a cold and gloomy Alaska is both intense and chilling. Al Pacino proves again what an excellent actor he is.

It's amazing how he eerily looks the part with bags under his eyes, a clumsy gait, stooped shoulders and a continuous expression of fatigue while he dives into the depth of an extremely complex character.

Robin Williams skillfully downplays his part as the latently manipulative Finch as he takes advantage of Dormer's vulnerability.

Hillary Swank brings an air of freshness as the rookie detective who also has to make a difficult decision towards the end.

Maura Tierney makes very good use of her few scenes. On the flip side, it may seem as though 'Insomnia' loses focus in some scenes as it appears to derail.

Of course there are different ways of looking at this. The ending feels rushed and is very predictable. Also Williams's Finch could have been more developed considering the important role he has.

Nonetheless, it's a well-made film. Hillary Seitz Writer. Paul Junger Witt Producer. Edward L. McDonnell Producer. Andrew A.

Kosove Producer. Broderick Johnson Producer. George Clooney Executive Producer. Steven Soderbergh Executive Producer. Tony Thomas Executive Producer.

Kim Roth Executive Producer. New Certified Fresh Movies and TV on Netflix and Amazon Prime. Now Streaming: Lawrence of Arabia , Insomnia , And More.

April 24, Rating: 3. August 5, Full Review…. August 28, Full Review…. March 17, Full Review…. August 25, Full Review…. August 25, Rating: 3.

View All Critic Reviews Dec 12, One of Robin William's best roles, he brings such a presence to his character.

Christopher Nolan gives us some fantastic and beautiful views, it seems as though he settles for other just okay shots though.

My favorite thing about this movie is the score, such an emotional tone that really contributes to the success of the story telling.

Apr 27, Christopher Nolan's film "Insomnia" is a remake of the Norwegian film of the same name. It generally has the same plot as the original, but Nolan improves the original by adding a little twist here and there to great effect.

Nolan also adds more depth to the story that really makes this a unique remake and a quintessentially Christopher Nolan film.

Al Pacino and Robin Williams give absolutely wonderful performances. Joseph B Super Reviewer. Feb 06, A very different film from Christopher Nolan than we're use to, however a very awesome film at that.

Insomnia brings in great performances especially that of Al Pacino and the late Robin Williams. Perfect choice of location which highlights how Al Pacino's character is feeling and the overall tone of the film.

I was riveted by beginning to end and I would highly recommend to check out Insomnia, as it is a very well made film.

Two Thumbs up! Mr N Super Reviewer. Dec 20, Every Nolan film is deserving of repeat viewing and this movie is no exception to that.

Kameron W Super Reviewer. See all Audience reviews. Will Dormer: I'm coasting on my laurels, thank you. Will Dormer: Day after day you suck the marrow out of real cops when you never had the balls to become one yourself.

Randy Stetz: You're just a prick in a leather jacket, what the fuck do you know? Randy Stetz: You're just a prick in a leather jacket.

What the fuck do you know? Will Dormer: phone rings Dormer here hello Det. At first, you can feel the tension between Dormer and his partner, and then between Dormer and the killer.

This is simply the best psycho-thriller I've ever seen, and if you think that "The Silence of the Lambs" was something, wait 'till you see this!

AbhiMathews 23 November Insomnia is almost a collage of several other mystery films namely Se7en tied into one, but not distinctively.

Whether it's the elusive murderer on the loose or the mentally plagued cop who's trying his best, this movie is predictable and lacks ingenuity.

Accompanying the lack of creativity, the prime actors and actresses had average performances and the emotional conviction in the roles was often lacking.

A straight plot followed by routine dialogue made Insomnia rather mundane and an effort to watch.

Although there were particular exciting scenes, they were rather short and sparse. The resources were there, but execution was a miss. Whether it's L.

Confidential, The Usual Suspects, Se7en or any other great mystery movie, these all had a strong emotional attachment that hook viewers into truly empathizing with the protagonists and mystery at hand.

Unfortunately in Insomnia, it's almost like you already know the fate of the characters, and still don't care. Al Pacino is an L.

Hilary Swank is the Alaskan detective who admires his work and methods. Robin Williams is the killer they're hunting down.

All three are Oscar winners by the way, and deliver performances that are definitely worthy of an Oscar. Throughout the film, Pacino's character's mind wreaks havoc; the Alaskan town is so far up north, they get "white nights" I.

As a result, he cannot sleep. With "Insomnia", Christopher Nolan joins my list of directors I admire. The most difficult task of the movie is this: how exactly can you show the audience Pacino's increasingly disoriented, sleepless mind-frame, without boring them?

I think Nolan handles this expertly. The cast deliver stellar performances, in particular Robin Williams. His character is undoubtedly psychotic. What a temptation for Williams to steal the show with a display of angry shouting, of pure psychopathic hostility, of maniacal laughter!

But no. He avoids this and goes for a far different touch. His character talks of extremely disturbing things in a very calm, matter-of-fact way, making his performance far more bone-chilling.

As much as I love Williams' comic roles, I have to admit he's practically unrivalled in "serious" acting. Another thought: although this is a film I like to consider a thriller, it is very much like a film noir as well.

Personally, I love the plots of film noirs, but I can't stand the relentless usage of shadows and dark lighting. It is a very dark film with lots and lots of light.

The effect is interesting to say the least. This film is a thriller, and consequently, I'm choosing my words carefully in order to spoil as little of the film as possible.

I highly recommend seeing this film— I was blown away. I do not regret buying this film: I confidently call it a great movie.

I haven't seen it, but if it was anything close to as good as this film, whoever does see it is in for a real treat! Nyor 26 May If you suffer from insomnia be sure and see this one - -it will put you to sleep.

It was a real letdown for me. I had expected from all the hype to see a tense or suspense filled drama, it was neither.

It started to go downhill for me from the very first. That the L. I feel that neither the director or screenwriter knows too much about actual police work as there were other things e.

Robin William's character wasn't really believable. He didn't seem sinister at all, Just kind of well I'm here". Chalk this one up as a summertime disappointment!

Solid thriller with strong acting bob the moo 4 April Glad to be getting away from the Internal Affairs investigation in their department in LA, Will Dormer and his partner Hap Eckhart fly up to assist on a murder case in Alaska.

Will quickly makes the progress that his reputation led young officer Ellie Burr to expect. However when a suspect is chased through fog, Will accidentally shoots Hap.

He covers it up and blames the suspect, conscious that IAD will assume that he killed Hap to prevent him cutting a deal with them. However later he gets a call from the killer who saw the whole thing and is holding it over Will in return for him framing someone else.

With fewer options and Ellie investigating the shooting, Will finds himself unable to sleep in the 24 hour sunshine and getting increasingly strung out.

Better known as part 2 of Robin Williams proving he can do more than just sentimental crap, I was looking forward to seeing it. I haven't seen the original film so I can't contrast the two and say which is better - I could only judge this on its own merits.

I found the film to be a very enjoyable thriller that was very atmospheric. The story itself is quite intriguing and is at its best when Will and Walter are playing cat and mouse games with each other.

The main investigation and the investigation into Hap's shooting all add to the intensity. Although it is quite slow at times it is actually well paced - some fast paced exciting moments but mostly dialogue driven scenes that are just as exciting.

The direction is excellent and the whole film has a bright crisp feel to it. The final shot of the film is powerful yet still, with the protagonists frozen against a background of lake and mountains.

The film's main driver is the strength of the performances. Williams is excellent, I was never sure what to make of his character because Williams kept him complex enough to hold the interest.

Pacino is also great. He actually looks dog tired progressively through the film. Like Williams, his character has enough meat on it to be of interest and when either of them was on the screen, my interest was guaranteed.

Swank had a difficult task to play opposite Pacino in the majority of her scenes but she really holds her own. Donovan is good but brief, but to be honest it is Pacino and Williams' film the whole way.

Overall this is a classy little thriller that has more than enough going on to keep it interesting.

Waking Life tedg 25 June Spoilers herein. The element that makes cinema unique is the ability to fold: to shuffle time and narrative both by the mind and eye.

It moved the notion of narration way in front of the camera and even beyond, in front of a character's eye but behind his mind. It promised much of a future from someone who understand what film was all about.

But as with Soderbergh, that promise is dashed. We'll have to see in both cases. But as to this project, it fails. The notion of the original was clever: history can be changed by shifting evidence, and that shift can make the merely true truly true.

His quest involved making his murder fiction more powerful by inserting a real murder in it, then mirroring the reporting on the page with the reporting to a cop.

This is the stuff that involves the viewer in confusion about what is true, or so it was intended. But no one seems to have told Pacino, as if he would have listened anyway.

Any opportunity to introduce ambiguity is completely wasted by him. He hallucinates from Robin's eyes but makes no note of it.

He has a recurring Lady Macbeth moment of the indelible blood, but we get no feel for the shifting of memory as a stain. At the end, no one in the theater got the intended ambiguity of whether he knowingly shot his partner or not.

The intended point was that he didn't know now, but my whole audience believe it was settled as a revelation. Swank, who knows something about acting about acting, plays a mere Sandra Bullock role here.

What a waste. Robin Williams gives -- surprisingly -- the best performance of the project, which should be a real warning. Little is made of the fact that he is a writer of detective stories.

That the letters do they exist? Is Pacino's character a live worth living? We are supposed to wonder? Will Nolan have a film life worth living?

We wonder. You know that feeling a movie gives you at the end? This one definitely had it. Not because it was great, but because IT WAS OVER!

Robin Williams and Al Pacino played their roles perfectly, however, the story left me wanting, wondering If and hoping there was some kind of moral.

The final twist I was waiting for never seemed to come, either. I own Following and Memento Nolan's other films , but just cannot say I enjoyed this movie.

This film IS the CURE for INSOMNIA. Who doesn't love Al Pacino? Come on Guess there is not. Al Pacino is loved by everyone who has seen him as "Michael Vito Corleone" in The Godfather Trilogy or the ruthless "Tony Montana" in Scarface.

These films were the highlights of his career and even though he isn't as memorable as Will Dormer in Insomnia, it is hard not to give him an honorable mention.

Insomnia is referred to as a "Cat and Mouse" thriller and it proved that it is one because of the whole chase thing between Will Dormer, a cop, and a local writer who goes by the name of Walter Finch, a man who is under the suspicion of killing a teen.

This is proved even more when there is an actual ground chase between them two on the logs in the flowing river.

That scene was full of heart pounding action and added a bit of intrigue that made you appreciate the film a little bit more. The film would have been unknown to me if there weren't the three Oscar winners, Al Pacino, Robin Williams, and Hilary Swank that made this thriller for what it is, also if Christopher Nolan hadn't directed it.

He is truly a great director. Steven Spielberg has to watch out for the might of Nolan. Al Pacino was absolute and admirable in Insomnia therefore making him the best actor in the whole film.

His role as a tough cop was fascinating and hypnotizing. Robin Williams, who portrays Walter Finch, was not as great as Al's however he still doesn't disappoint.

This is not Robin Williams best role but it MIGHT be his most evilest role in his "Evil Trilogy". Hilary Swank's character Ellie Burr made you think that she was unnecessary but as the film reaches its climax you realize that she plays an important part.

Swank's performance could not rival against her other roles in "Million Dollar Baby" or "Boy's don't Cry" however she is agreeable but not fun to watch.

The films chilly, or spooky, atmosphere is the best in any movie, I have ever seen so far. It just makes the films setting really home-sweet-home. The scenery at the beginning was beautiful as the plane flew over the ice and glaciers of Alaska.

When the police learn that Kay was a fan of local crime writer Walter Finch, Dormer breaks into Finch's apartment in the nearby village of Umkumiut.

Finch arrives home, realizes the police are present, and evades Dormer after a chase. Dormer returns to Finch's apartment and plants the.

Finch contacts Dormer and arranges a meeting on a ferry. Finch wants help in shifting suspicion to Kay's abusive boyfriend Randy Stetz and will stay silent about the Eckhart shooting in return.

Dormer gives advice on handling police questioning. After Finch leaves Dormer on the ferry, he shows the detective a tape recorder he used to record the conversation.

Finch calls Dormer and tells him that Kay's death was "an accident" — he beat her to death in a fit of rage after she rejected his sexual advances.

The next day, Finch gives false testimony at the police station. When Finch claims Randy has a gun, Dormer realizes Finch has discovered his plant, and has hidden it at Randy's home.

Randy is arrested when the gun is found at his house. Finch asks Burr to come to his lake house the next day, to collect letters indicating that Randy abused Kay.

Meanwhile, on his last night staying in the hotel; Dormer confides in the hotel owner, Rachel Clement, about the Internal Affairs investigation: he fabricated evidence to help convict a pedophile he was certain was guilty of murdering a child, and who would have walked if Eckhart had testified.

Dormer learns that Burr has gone to Finch's. He finds Kay's letters in Finch's apartment and realizes that Finch intends to kill Burr.

He learns of Finch's lake house and rushes there. At the house, Finch knocks Burr unconscious just as Dormer arrives, and takes Burr's gun. Dormer is too disoriented from lack of sleep to fight off Finch.

Burr revives and saves Dormer, while Finch escapes. Burr reveals she knows Dormer shot Eckhart, and he admits that he is no longer certain if it was an accident.

From his shed, Finch shoots at them with a shotgun, and Burr returns fire with Dormer's gun while Dormer sneaks around to Finch's location.

After a scuffle in which Dormer grabs Finch's shotgun, Finch shoots Dormer with Burr's gun, and Dormer shoots and kills Finch with the shotgun.

Dormer stops her, however, advising her not to lose her integrity before he dies. Insomnia has Robin Williams playing a villain, deviating from the comedic roles for which he was earlier known.

Seeing Robin Williams doing something they would have never imagined that he would or could do. What I thought of Robin, was, well he is an extraordinary guy to work with and he really gave what I consider to be a flawless performance.

I wound up watching the film hundreds of times as we cut it, and I never hit that point with the performance where you start to see the acting.


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