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Blindspot Besetzung

Jaimie Alexander (Jane Doe). Jaimie Alexander wurde am März in Greenville, South Carolina geboren und wuchs in Grapevine, Texas auf. Jane Doe. Sullivan Stapleton. Rolle: Kurt Weller. Rob Brown. Rolle: Edgar Reade. Audrey Esparza. Rolle: Tasha Zapata. Ashley Johnson. Rolle: Patterson. Darsteller. Tasha Zapata: Audrey Esparza; Edgar Reade: Rob Brown; Patterson: Ashley Johnson; Jane Doe: Jaimie Alexander; Kurt Weller: Sullivan Stapleton.

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Blindspot. Jane Doe. Kein Name, keine Erinnerung - nur unzählige Blindspot. Agent Patterson · Darsteller. Blindspot. Agent Edgar Reade · Darsteller. Mitten auf dem Time Square in New York City entsteigt eine wunderschöne junge Frau mit einem großflächigen Tattoo einer Reisetasche - ohne sich erinnern zu können, wie sie in diese Situation gelangte. Ihr Tattoo ist ein Hinweis auf einen. Jane Doe. Sullivan Stapleton. Rolle: Kurt Weller. Rob Brown. Rolle: Edgar Reade. Audrey Esparza. Rolle: Tasha Zapata. Ashley Johnson. Rolle: Patterson.

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Amy Margaret Wilson, Actress: Blindspot. Amy Margaret Wilson is an actress, known for Blindspot (). Blindspot is an American crime drama television series created by Martin Gero, starring Sullivan Stapleton and Jaimie Alexander. The Warner Bros. Television -produced series premiered September 21, , on NBC. On May 10, , NBC renewed the series for a fifth and final season, which aired between May 7 and July 23, Blindspot (TV Series –) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Finde alle Informationen zur Besetzung das Staffel 3 von Blindspot: Schauspieler, Regisseur und Drehbuchautoren. Meet the cast from Blindspot on We and our partners use cookies on this site to improve our service, perform analytics, personalize advertising, measure advertising performance, and.
Blindspot Besetzung Zapata takes the place of the next supposed victim, but is drugged and kidnapped, Pickelnarbe Entfernen tracking device removed. Avery accepts Jane and Weller's invitation to move in with them. Patterson discovers that the surveillance cameras installed in front of the Sandstorm stash show an unknown person who had accessed it a day before the FBI. She is kidnapped by Carter, who waterboards her for information, causing her to remember that he is connected to "Orion. Retrieved May 18, The woman believes her daughter was killed, but Weller's team finds her still Backnang Kino and reunites Shampoo Selber Machen Rezept with daughter. Mimi Und Mo viittaavat sivut Linkitettyjen sivujen muutokset Toimintosivut Ikilinkki Sivun Minions Wer Ist Wer Viitetiedot Wikidata-kohde. Retrieved April 13, The team investigates the seemingly unrelated drug deaths of several Red West. September im frei empfangbaren Fernsehen auf Sat. Based on a tattoo decoded by Rich Dotcom, Patterson can link three tattoos to a notorious near-mythical smuggler. Zapata returns to tell Reade about her failed mission after her attacker stopped her from uploading the files to her phone. Retrieved May 3, Reade is knocked out by a masked man during his investigation into Carter's death. Blindspot Schauspieler, Cast & Crew. Liste der Besetung: Jaimie Alexander, Sullivan Stapleton, Marianne Jean-Baptiste u.v.m/10(). Go to these sites for info or for help with your own wiki! • The Alienist • The Blacklist • Blindspot • Blue Bloods • Castle • The Catch • Chicago P.D. • Criminal Minds • CSI • Elementary • FBI • Hawaii Five-O • Homeland • Instinct • Justified • Magnum, P.I. • Major Crimes • NCIS • Person of Interest • Quantico • Rizzoli & Isles • The Rookie. Blindspot is an American crime drama television series created by Martin Gero, starring Sullivan Stapleton and Jaimie Alexander. The series was ordered by NBC on May 1, , [1] and premiered on September 21,
Blindspot Besetzung Mitten auf dem Time Square in New York City entsteigt eine wunderschöne junge Frau mit einem großflächigen Tattoo einer Reisetasche - ohne sich erinnern zu können, wie sie in diese Situation gelangte. Ihr Tattoo ist ein Hinweis auf einen. Supervisory Special Agent Kurt Weller, Sullivan Stapleton, –, Dennis Schmidt-Foß. Jane Doe / Alice. Ashley Johnson: Special Agent Patterson · Sullivan Stapleton – Bild: ARP Sélection. Sullivan Stapleton: Kurt Weller · Luke Mitchell – Bild: ABC Studios /​Kelsey. Blindspot Schauspieler, Cast & Crew. Liste der Besetung: Jaimie Alexander, Sullivan Stapleton, Marianne Jean-Baptiste u.v.m.
Blindspot Besetzung Ein fester Termin steht allerdings noch nicht fest. Ukweli Raphael Roach wurde am Regisseur Jeff King. Trevor Long.

Reade's team learns that Popov is using Rhodes' producer as a front to ship WMDs all over the world and that Popov is planning a chemical attack in America.

Weller and Jane thwart the attack and arrest Popov. Roman engineers another encounter with Blake Crawford and the two grow closer.

Jane decides to abandon the search for her daughter. Hirst issues a veiled threat to Reade after he confronts her about her connections to Kevin Loewe.

Reade joins Jane, Weller, Patterson, Zapata, and Rich to help bring Hirst down. A flashback reveals that Hirst killed Stuart for solving the tattoo leading to the one-eared man's identity.

In the present day, clues from Roman lead the team to Dr. Margaret Palmieri, the director of a cancer drug trial who is accepting bribes.

While interviewing one of the trial's participants, Jane and Weller come face-to-face with his husband: the one-eared man.

They capture him, learning he is Eric Vance, an ex-US Marshal. Vance reveals Hirst blackmailed him into working for her by threatening to force Palmieri to withdraw his husband from the drug trial and agrees to testify against Hirst if they arrest Palmieri.

Patterson deduces that Palmieri plans to release a deadly virus to become rich by selling the cure. Hirst demands that Reade expel Zapata from the task force and the FBI.

With Allie's help, Jane and Weller stop Palmieri from releasing the virus. Vance tells them Hirst murdered Stuart.

When Vance is killed shortly after being placed in witness protection, Weller realizes that Hirst knows the team is investigating her.

A dangerous game of cat-and-mouse ensues as Hirst tries to stop Reade's team from exposing her. Roman meets Blake's father, Hank Crawford, and it is revealed that Hirst is in his employ.

Roman demands Weller kill Hirst now that Vance is dead. Hirst frames Patterson for Stuart's murder. Reade pretends to side with Hirst against the rest of the team.

After Rich helps Patterson escape the FBI, he is arrested by Hirst. Jane and Weller steal Hirst's phone to get data from it.

Weller gets himself arrested to help Jane escape and get the phone data to Patterson, who finds a lead in the data just before being arrested.

Zapata follows the lead Patterson found and obtains an audio recording of Hirst killing Stuart. The recording is played over the FBI intercom and Hirst is arrested for murder.

Hirst reveals her subordinates have kidnapped Zapata, forcing Reade to help her escape. Jane and Weller track them and free Reade and Zapata.

Weller arrests Hirst rather than killing her as Roman ordered. No longer wanting to let Roman blackmail him, Weller tells Jane his secret from Berlin: he killed her daughter.

The team investigates missing nuclear warheads, discovering that they were stolen by Lana, the sister of terrorist leader Anton Stepulov who wants vengeance for her brother's death.

Weller is forced to leap out of a plane to disarm the warhead. Victor, Hank Crawford's right-hand man, tests Roman by forcing him to recover a valuable item.

In a flashback, Weller explains to Jane what happened in Berlin: he accidentally shot Avery while confronting a gangster named Max.

In response, Jane removes her wedding ring and declares that she is leaving him. It is revealed Avery is still alive and being held captive.

Martha Mitchell. Dermott Daniel Downs. The team investigates the seemingly unrelated drug deaths of several Marines. After being caught in an explosion, Patterson is severely injured and lapses into a coma.

Within her subconscious, she relives the events of the day over and over again , doomed to do so until she solves the case. While sifting through the clues, she interacts with visions of various figures from her past, including David, Borden, Stuart, Roman, and Director Pellington, who help her deal with the guilt she feels for their deaths.

Upon solving the case, she awakens and deduces that the Marines died during an unsanctioned covert operation and their deaths were being covered up by a Marine general.

Patterson confides in Zapata that her vision of Borden was different from the others in some way; it is revealed that Borden is alive. Ex-Sandstorm member Cade appears at Jane and Weller's apartment, having escaped from a crashed black flight after being imprisoned by the CIA.

He warns them that the other prisoners are planning an imminent attack in New York. With his intel, the FBI manages to identify the leader of the attack, a CIA agent named Quinn Bonita, who is seeking revenge on the CIA for her husband's death, and then stop her and the prisoners.

Crawford is inclined to pay the ransom for Blake and Christophe, but Christophe's father, Jean-Paul, insists on taking them back by force. Roman goes along with Jean-Paul's team; when he sees Blake and Christophe are unguarded, he kills Jean-Paul's men and rescues Blake and Christophe.

Later, Roman tells Crawford he realized that he, Crawford, had ordered the kidnapping himself to cement Jean-Paul's gratitude after the rescue.

Roman explains he killed Jean-Paul's team to keep them from exposing Crawford's involvement and Crawford commends him for his loyalty.

The body of Avery's adoptive father is dumped into a river by unknown men. Jean de Segonzac. The FBI team, along with Avery, goes undercover at a gala where Crawford plans to meet with Jean-Paul to conclude a land deal.

There, Jane and Avery meet Roman, who explains his plan to help them record Crawford's deal and arrest both him and Jean-Paul.

However, a passionate moment with Blake convinces Roman to double-cross the FBI so that he can keep his new life with Blake and her father. The FBI storms the gala and kills Jean-Paul, but Crawford escapes with Roman's help.

Blake is shocked to discover her father's criminal activity and Crawford becomes suspicious of Roman. Patterson begins withholding information from Zapata at work, drawing a reprimand from Reade.

Reade attempts to reconcile with Zapata as friends, but she refuses, saying she cannot be his best man or attend his wedding.

As Jane, Weller, and Avery enjoy a family moment, Roman issues an order to a group of assassins to kill all the members of the FBI team.

Neema Barnette. After a hard day at work trying to trace Crawford's new location, the team decides to grab some rest.

Unfortunately, each of them becomes a target of Roman's assassins. Jane and Weller are attacked in an exclusive restaurant, resulting in Jane getting kidnapped.

Reade is attacked in his apartment after an argument with Millicent Van Der Waal, who was investigating him due to his connection to Hirst.

Millicent is killed by the assassin sent for Reade, but he manages to save himself. Zapata attends a memorial service for her ex-boyfriend, Ricky, in a church and is attacked, but the assassin is killed with the help of Ricky's sister, a rookie police officer.

Finally, Patterson and co-worker Jack are attacked during a date. They are saved by Zapata after injuring their attacker. The team reunites and, with the help of Rich, they get a profile on one of Jane's captors and manage to locate them and save Jane.

After learning that his plan failed, Roman decides to kill the team himself, but a woman named Kira tells him to focus on Crawford's new plan instead.

A flashback shows that Avery's adoptive father was developing a sonic weapon for Crawford. In the present day, a tattoo clue leads the FBI team to a conspiracy theorist, Daschelle Watkins, who believes the government has created a mind-control device.

With Watkins' help, they go looking for an engineer named Ganzman. Roman is also concurrently looking for Ganzman, who was involved with the sonic weapon.

Both sides track Ganzman to rural New York. There, Roman is joined by Blake, who wants to spend some personal time with him, and he must conceal his true mission from her while hunting Ganzman.

The FBI and Roman find Ganzman simultaneously and Roman kills him. Jane pursues Roman and Roman taunts that she will not shoot him; she does, but her weapon is out of ammo and he escapes.

Avery accepts Jane and Weller's invitation to move in with them. Roman floods the Internet with misinformation regarding the tattoo clues, rendering them useless.

The FBI finds a clue in the body of Avery's adoptive father that leads them to one of Crawford's assassins, but Jane is forced to kill the man before he can be interrogated.

Bill Nye is revealed to be Patterson's father and is brought on by the FBI to help her counter the effects of Roman's misinformation.

Avery's godmother, Lynnette, invites Avery and Jane to sign some documents regarding her adoptive father's estate. Once there, Avery deduces that Lynnette works for Crawford and that she was involved with her adoptive father's death.

Lynnette attempts to kill them both, but Avery and Jane barricade themselves inside a panic room. Weller and the rest of the FBI arrive and Jane signals for them to move in, resulting in the FBI arresting Lynnette.

Meg breaks up with Reade after learning about Zapata's feelings for him. Roman begins to hallucinate visions of Remi and an alternate version of himself while he devises a plan to thwart the FBI.

On Lynnette's laptop, Patterson and Zapata discover secret access codes to numerous Manhattan buildings and realize that Crawford is planning an imminent attack.

Rich notices that part of the mural in the FBI office resembles one of Jane's tattoos, which leads the team to a Russian spy who has been working in the U.

The team also enlists the help of Boston, making Rich compete with his ex-boyfriend for all of the attention. Jane plans to find and release Shepherd from her imprisonment, so she convinces the spy to give her a flash drive that contains files of CIA black sites in exchange for information on his family, whom he thought was dead.

Jane sets everything up so that it looks like she is being held as a hostage, and Weller ends up killing the spy, but not before she gets the information within the flash drive partially downloaded.

She later talks to her hallucination of Roman as she prepares a lethal poison she intends to use on Weller. Meanwhile, Burke and Zapata fly to the home of Crawford's lawyer Kira Evans in Stockholm to get a hard drive containing all of the company's files.

Zapata retrieves it, but Burke comes in and kills Kira, leaving Zapata to clean it up. Jane can't bring herself to kill Weller and reveals the needle with the poison to him, but lies to him saying that she made the poison for herself, in case her disease gets worse.

Meanwhile, Patterson has a one night stand with a guy named Lincoln. The next day, the team is sent to the address of a terrorist bomber linked to a tattoo, who is also charged with leading a group of recruits from Quantico who will be helping with the mission.

Patterson is shocked to see that one of the recruits is Lincoln, who also turns out to be the nephew of newly-appointed FBI director Matthew Weitz.

After capturing the bomber, they discover he had another partner. Madeline Burke visits the FBI and delivers the old files she previously retrieved in Stockholm, which helps them to locate the second bomber, who was planning to blow up a building by using subway trains.

It turns out that Burke ordered the attacks but helped the FBI to gain the trust of the public media. Later that night, Jane meets with a woman and pays her in advance.

Weller, who has been following Jane, takes a picture of the mysterious woman. Zapata and Claudia tie-up Reade and interrogate him about the access code to his computer.

Reade finally gives the code after Claudia threatens to kill Zapata. Meanwhile, Weller tasks Patterson to look into Violet Parks, who is revealed to have ties to the black market.

Later, a tattoo leads the team to a notorious assassin who works for an ecoterrorist group. When captured, the assassin instantly recognizes Rich as "Jackson Fernwood".

Back in his criminal days, one of Rich's many scam victims included environmentalist groups, among them the ecoterrorists, who are still unaware that he works for the FBI.

At Jane's insistence, Weller asks Keaton from the CIA to help with the mission. The terrorists are planning an attack on New York City, so the team sends Rich undercover, with Weller posing as his assistant.

The attack is thwarted, but Keaton is shot and put into a medically-induced coma. Jane meets with Violet and fills her in about the possible location of Shepherd, which Keaton revealed to her.

Zapata and Claudia give Reade's computer files to Burke. Zapata shoots Claudia to cover up her close ties to Reade and provides Burke evidence proving that Claudia was a mole from MI6, earning her complete trust.

The team solves a tattoo after the murder of a congressman who contacted director Weitz a few hours before his death.

The tattoo points to a powerful lobby group with conspiracy secrets. Meanwhile, Reade is interrogated by a CIA official, Sabrina Larren, about giving Zapata his FBI password.

The interrogation results in him being fired by Weitz, who later shows up at Reade's apartment and reveals that he only fired Reade so the FBI can go after Zapata themselves, and recruits Reade for the job.

Burke plots to ruin a company she is competing against for a defense contract, so she tasks Zapata to blackmail one of the company's engineers into taking pictures of a top-secret research project.

At the end of the day, Weller follows the signal of a tracker he put in Jane's pocket to a hideout, resulting in a brief shootout with Violet. He returns home and confronts Jane about the secrets she is hiding.

Weller informs Patterson and Rich about Jane being Remi again. As they try to track her down, NORAD receives word of an impending ballistic missile headed for New York, resulting in mass panic.

Weller's team determines that NORAD had been hacked by Boston, who was being led on pretenses by Jane to force the CIA to move Shepherd, who then kidnaps him to clear traffic.

She intercepts the CIA convoy transporting Shepherd, resulting in a firefight in which Violet is killed. Once at a safehouse, Shepherd admits to Jane that she knew of the risks of her ZIP poisoning and mentions that Roman had located a scientist named Kallisto who might be able to cure her.

At the same time, Patterson tells Weller of a risky treatment that may bring back Jane's personality.

With Rich's help, he lures Jane into a trap and begins to fight her. Meanwhile, Reade and Weitz travel to Mexico, where Zapata and Burke negotiate with a Mexican cartel leader for Del Toro's services.

Just after Burke orders Zapata to retrieve Del Toro from Toronto, she is cornered by Reade and Weitz. While fighting, Weller manages to sedate Jane by injecting a needle in her.

He brings her to the FBI and a special doctor is brought in to help Patterson and Rich to try the experimental procedure they found on Roman's data caches.

Inside Jane's mind, she's seen remembering most of her past and being helped by visions of Weller and the team to fight visions of Roman and Shepherd, leading to a final confrontation with Remi.

She manages to convince Remi that Shepherd is their true common enemy. Jane finally wakes up, fully back to being herself, and is reunited with Weller, Patterson, and Rich.

Shepherd, who everyone thinks has escaped, arrives at Jane and Weller's apartment, attacking Weller as he walks in, but Jane appears and shoots her dead.

The next day, the team is preparing to work, but they are surprised to see a handcuffed Zapata, being led away by Reade for interrogation.

Patterson and Rich identify Kallisto as Dr. Nora Lee Roga, the original creator of ZIP, who supposedly died two years ago.

The team questions her son, Clay, and finds evidence that Nora is alive. Managing to find Nora's safe house, they learn that Roman sent her into hiding after her assistant was assassinated on orders of her pharmaceutical company, which had continued selling ZIP despite the fatal side effects.

She reveals that Roman procured stem cells required to cure Jane, but all the samples are destroyed in the subsequent attack by a hit squad.

After fending off the attack and allowing Nora to return to her son, she mentions that Roman was searching for more stem cells.

Meanwhile, Reade, under pressure from the CIA to hand over Zapata, gets her to confess that Keaton never fired her but sent her under deep cover to infiltrate and dismantle HCI Global.

Deciding to let her complete her mission for Burke, Reade declares himself her new handler and ends whatever relationship they had.

However, upon arriving in Toronto, Zapata is captured by the CIA. The murder of a best-selling crime novelist sends Jane and the team in search of a serial killer detailed in the author's final manuscript, which also features slightly fictional versions of the FBI team.

Someone inside the FBI had been leaking personal information about the team to the writer for his book, whom Reade discovers is junior agent Briana.

Briana then reveals the killer was based on a real-life person and the writer ultimately found out her identity. Jane starts to lose her vision as she is captured by the killer and held hostage.

Jane sends a message in Morse code through Patterson's watch. Kurt and the team race against the clock to find Jane's location as she goes up against the killer.

At the hospital, Jane reveals she is now heading towards the final stages of the ZIP poisoning, having turned blind and on the verge of losing her hearing.

Meanwhile, Zapata is rescued by Madeline's henchman, Dominic Masters, who knocks out the CIA agents. Heading back to the meeting point, Zapata finds a ringing cell phone on the floor.

After getting orders, Zapata realizes her cover hasn't been blown so far, but she failed to contact Del Toro. Thanks to another data cache, Patterson and Rich identify billionaire Ken Lee, who owns the stem cells needed to cure Jane.

Lee wants the Book of Secrets in return for the stem cells, which leads Patterson and Rich to a treasure hunt throughout Peru , following the last bits of Roman's trail.

They find the missing information that Roman wasn't able to find by himself. Over in the mountains of Machu Picchu , Rich digs up the Book of Secrets from the ground.

It is revealed that Lee was planning to double-cross them, but Weller and the team were one step ahead and have the local police stop him. Defeated, Lee accepts a deal: the stem cells for house arrest.

Upon retrieving the cells, Jane is cured and her sight is restored. Meanwhile, Zapata takes Boston in place of Del Toro. Madeline, not fully convinced that he is their hacker, tasks him to perform the airplane hack for later that day.

Zapata and Boston become worried. Zapata urges Boston to hack as much as he can without doing any harm to the plane.

Things get complicated when the real Del Toro shows up. Seeing that Madeline is onto them, Zapata convinces Boston to save the people aboard.

Meanwhile, the team brings in the head of security of HCI Global's rival company Bradley Dynamics, who reveals that the plane they worked on was the new Air Force One.

The team later realizes that Weitz is aboard there for a meeting. In Madeline's building, Zapata manages to kill Del Toro, and Boston takes control of his computer, which ultimately prevents the plane from crashing.

Unbeknownst to both, Madeline had her henchman Dominic plant explosives throughout the building. After the explosion, Zapata disappears while Madeline and Dominic manage to get away.

Back at the FBI, the house arrest on Boston is dropped and Reade offers him a job, which he turns down. Burke goes into hiding, planning on initiating an operation called Helios.

Later that night, Jane and Weller receive an envelope from a lawyer looking after Shepherd's estate, which contains a new picture puzzle for her to solve.

Zapata calls Reade, telling him that she's heading off to Zurich, planning to retrieve files that contain evidence against Madeline, as a way to show her loyalty to him.

In Zurich, she gets the files but is attacked by an unknown woman. Zapata returns to tell Reade about her failed mission after her attacker stopped her from uploading the files to her phone.

Later, the team faces a series of bombings that happen in the same locations as an old case, back when Jane went into hiding in a monastery.

With the woman responsible in prison, everything points to a copycat. The FBI receives a call from the copycat, claiming that Lilly, the woman imprisoned, was set up by someone from the team.

A flashback reveals that it was Weitz who pressured Stuart to alter evidence from a video that showed Lilly dropping off a package to the site of one of the bombings.

A new lead points the team to suspect Lilly's father. Weitz blocks them from making an arrest and authorizes a drone strike to take him out to cover his tracks.

Just as he thinks he is clear, Weitz receives a call from the real copycat, who is revealed to be Dominic. Tasha Oslo 0 Fans. Rob Brown.

Ramirez 3 Fans. Don Jon. Ashley Johnson. Patterson Leung 13 Fans. Ukweli Roach. Borden 2 Fans. Zwei an einem Tag.

Johnny Whitworth. Ruggedly Handsome Man 9 Fans. Ohne Limit. Trevor Long. Raleigh Boyce 0 Fans. Retrieved October 7, Retrieved October 10, Yahoo TV.

Retrieved April 15, Retrieved November 27, Retrieved February 17, TV by the Numbers. Archived from the original on November 7, Retrieved November 4, Retrieved June 19, Retrieved April 5, Retrieved November 8, Retrieved April 25, February 20, The Sunday Telegraph.

Retrieved September 6, TV Tonight. Retrieved October 20, The Hamilton Spectator. Retrieved September 17, November 9, Retrieved March 9, Berlanti Productions Quinn's House Warner Bros.

Pääartikkeli: Luettelo televisiosarjan Blindspot jaksoista. Viitattu Dennis Publishing Ltd. Viitattu 1. Luokat : luvun televisiosarjat luvun televisiosarjat Yhdysvaltalaiset draamasarjat Yhdysvaltalaiset rikossarjat Yhdysvaltalaiset toimintasarjat NBC:n televisio-ohjelmat.

Piilotetut luokat: Small-elementtiä käyttämättömät tarkenteelliset tietolaatikot Artikkelit joiden IMDb-arvo on tietolaatikossa ja Wikidatassa sama Televisioon liittyvät artikkelit.

Die Unbekannte, die bemerkenswerte Fähigkeiten im Gebrauch von Schusswaffen und im Zweikampf aufweist, wird vom FBI Jane Doe genannt und ins Team integriert.

Mit ihrer Hilfe und anhand der in ihren Tattoos enthaltenen verschlüsselten Hinweise gelingt es dem FBI, diverse geplante Terroranschläge zu vereiteln und gefährliche Verbrecher zu verhaften.

Die Organisation nimmt Kontakt mit Jane auf und teilt ihr mit, das Ganze sei ursprünglich ihre eigene Idee gewesen; dass sie sich an nichts erinnere, liege an einer ihr verabreichten Droge und gehöre auch zum Plan.

Vordergründig handelt es sich um Verbrecher, doch Sandstorm hat seit langem immer wieder Fälle aufgedeckt, in denen CIA und FBI sich selbst nicht an das geltende Recht gehalten haben und ihrerseits kriminell agieren, und nun will man dieses staatliche Unrecht und die Korruption bekämpfen.

Sie wird zur Doppelagentin wider Willen und zum Spielball von FBI und Sandstorm. Ihnen gelingt die Flucht, und Jane injiziert Roman dieselbe Substanz, durch die sie ihr Gedächtnis verloren hatte, so dass nun auch er sich an fast nichts mehr erinnert.

Er glaubt jedoch, es sei Shepherd gewesen, die ihm sein Gedächtnis genommen hat. Die deutsche Synchronisation entsteht unter der Dialogregie von Timmo Niesner durch die Synchronfirma Arena Synchron in Berlin.

Die Serie wurde im Mai bestellt [2] und wird seit dem

Welcher Anbieter hat die meisten Serien Blindspot Besetzung Angebot? - Schauspielerinnen und Schauspieler

Patterson Ashley Johnson und Rich Ennis Esmer begeben sich auf eine Schatzsuche in Peru, um Jane Jaimie Alexander zu retten.

Die Blindspot Besetzung jhrige Melina ist eine erfrischend junge, warum man als Tosca Oper immer fr sich selbst einstehen Minions Wer Ist Wer. - Darsteller

Margaret Palmer Jessica Hecht Episode : 7.
Blindspot Besetzung
Blindspot Besetzung Blake Neely Sherri Chung season 3. Regisseurin Marisol Adler. Kevin Loewe R.


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